USA seeking Peperomia prostata, quadriangularis, dischidia nummularia, string of dolphins

I have:

Adansonii (rooted)
Hoya Rubra (rooted)
Xerosicyos danguyi (rooted)
Tri color tradescantia
Neon pathos
Silver Stripe Philodendron
Cebu Blue Pothos

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Oh I want all of those! Im in the UK though…
I have prostrata ready and dolphins propagating.

I have Peperomia prostata. interested in Adansonii and the Neon Pothos.

Hi there!

I have Peperomia “Ruby Cascade” available. It’s similar to Peperomia prostate, only with solid green tops and bright red underside. Let me know if you’re interested! I would be interested in either the Adansonii or Xerosicyos. I have hundreds of other succulent and houseplant types, so I might have something else you’re looking for besides these ones! :+1:t2: