UPDATED -- First time trader here! Looking to grow my green babies!

updated my have list, and expanded my want list

I’ve been collecting houseplants for some time but never really looked into propagation until I found this swap site!

I took cuttings not long ago so they still need some time to root further but let’s see what happens!


  • younger monstera deliciosa, not all with slits
  • philodendron micans / velvet leaf
  • philodendron scandens / heart leaf
  • epipremnum pinnatum “cebu blue”
  • red maranta / prayer plant
  • euphorbia tirucalli “firesticks” (this I will cut at the time of trading since it needs to callous over anyway)
  • Persian shield (cuttings, sometimes don’t ship well)
  • variegated opunta (monocantha, I think) cactus
  • variegated devil’s backbone
  • sanseviera ballyi pup
  • pilea glauca

#want - some of these are wish list but you never know!

  • manjula pothos
  • Aglaonema picta tricolor
  • dischidia nummularia / string of nickels
  • silver dollar vine
  • rhaphidophora tetrasperma
  • begonia pavonina
  • alocasia cuprea
  • rhaphidophora cryptantha (or other shingling types)
  • albuca Concordiana
  • philodendron White Knight
  • Variegated Hoya kerrii
  • Portulaca Maraca
  • Peperomia pink lady
  • peperomia polybotrya
  • I’m open to hearing what you have :slight_smile:

Thank you!!

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Hi, I’m interested in the cebu blue and watermelon pep. I have h. Obovata I can trade as well as some c. Lubbersiana


Would love to trade! Could we do some Cebu blue for some h. Obovata?

Yeah, we can do that. What would you want for your watermelon pep?


I’m not sure, it’s just if something catches my eye. Do you have an IG to look at? If I can’t find anything I can just send you a cutting for you to root, I seem to have no success with that

Hi, I do have IG. It’s suburban.jungalow. I haven’t posted recently, just giveaways lol. But I do have plenty more than what I’ve posted…check it out and lmk if something catches your eye and I’ll see if I can spare some of it. Thanks!

Thanks! We have a lot of the same plants but I also see that some aren’t ready for cuttings. Let’s stick with what we have. We can chat on IG for swap details? I’m lowkeyplantlady

Hi Candice!

I have a variagated string of nickels!
My Instagram handle is @bigboyplants if you wanted to shoot me a message :smile:


Hi! Variegated string of nickels? I’ve never even heard of this, messaging you back right now!

Hi Candace! I am interested in each that are available.

I have Both regular and variegated spider plant, Neon Pothos, Sanseveria, Grass Sanseveria, Wondering Jew, Moses in a Cradle, Succulents.

Hi @1crazybusymom!

Sorry, I’m looking for things that are harder to find in my area and I either have those or can easily get them. Let’s try again when we build our collections :slight_smile:

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Hey there, I would love to trade for some watermelon peperomia if u still have that available. I have some string of nickels that I’d love to trade you for! :+1::green_heart::blush:

Hi @Petalsinfullbloom! Let’s discuss! Can you message me on IG? I’m lowkeyplantlady :smile:

Bumping this for updates!