Unsuccessful Swap


Swapped rooted stromanthe and maranta and epi cuttings with MICKDAPLANT man. He was supposed to send me Hoya and Fishbone. They never arrived. He promised to resend them but still nothing and this has been going on since mid may! He just the other day said he didn’t receive mine (I sent it in May!!) so I sent him proof of postage and he’s gone quiet. Disappointing but you win some you lose some.

…if anyone else has Hoyas or fishbone please inbox me :blush:


Sorry to hear this happened to you :no_mouth::persevere:


Just to set things straight…

I sent two lots out now and you say none have arrived?

Yours never arrived, if sent? You have not provided any proof of postage.

I don’t understand why you have now tried to make out its me in the wrong when it’s not the truth. Please send me postage proof!


As per the rules for the board I’ve been factual. If admin wish to check our exchanges they can clearly see I’ve sent you proof but here it is again. I have never received anything from you, despite many other successful swaps around the same time. And you haven’t shown proof of postage. I sent you stromanthe triostar, maranta and an epi cutting. I’ve just put the facts for people to decide for themselves.

I don’t wish to argue with you but swaps are trust based and it’s important for people to know.


Sorry this happen to you Kimberley :cry: it really sucks and puts you off plant swapping when these prats skank good honest people. Good on you for naming and shaming!!
Busted mick, shame on you!! Wheres your proof ??