Unsuccessful swap 😢


I have given the benefit of the doubt of at least a month and there’s only so much reminding I care to do…,
I had a PM off @Lucyandtherabbit asking for a swap and I stupidly got excited to share my succulent collection and lord knows I gave generously and I have been just completely ignored the last two or so weeks after being given an excuse after the first week or two waiting.
Maybe her scruples will kick in after this? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m sorry this happened to you :cry: I can’t help but notice this is becoming a more common issue recently :frowning:. It’s such a shame for newbies because I’m now far more skeptical and less trustworthy of people who haven’t swapped before.


I’ve had many more good swaps than bad but I am not inclined to swap outside people I know now.I am more disappointed in myself for sending lots of good stuff without working out if they were trust worthy first :sweat: not a great way to get a business selling plants started either eh


I did actually send it- and neglected to send you a message to say it had sent. I’m sorry it hasn’t made it to you. Will resend as have some more Rainbow leaves in the morning.

Missing the notifications was also my fault as these emails go to a throw away account that has a lot of spam in and was missed.


Seeing as it hasn’t been replied too I feel I should defend my position. Should anyone wish to see it I have the proof of posting of replacement plants sent today.


I remain skeptical on your account of first posting… I was ignored for weeks and then by some insane coincidence you manage to pick up the notications again from this site once I made it public… I’m glad the issue has been seemingly resolved.


Fair enough. I don’t have to explain myself but it’s only because it was within the top 4/5 emails that I saw it- and that’s because the notification was sent at that time. Had I checked a few hours later I’d probably be none the wiser still.


Only you will know the truth for sure… I just know you were most responsive to the communication initially and you chose to make the commitment to swap and didn’t check it all went OK? It all seems very poorly executed from your side of the swap, if what you are saying is true.


Package arrived yesterday so the swaps finally complete, however I’m not all that hopeful for the viability of the contents :tired_face: you win some, you loose some.