UK Swaps - Monsteras, Pilea + others!


I hope everyone is keeping safe during these times!

I have a few plant babies that I’d like to swap, more like I have no more space and most of these plants need a trim :sweat_smile:

So far I have

  • 2 pilea babies rooted and in soil now
  • 3 peperomia argyreia rooted in water and are now in soil with new leaves
  • 4 tradescantia spathacea variegata cuttings that have rooted and are in soil
  • 5 monstera standleyana cuttings currently rooting in water
  • its possible to take 1 cutting of my monstera peru
  • 1 calathea burle marxii stem cutting which has rooted in water and is growing a new stem
  • loads of golden pothos
  • marble queen cutting however its gone quite yellowish
  • can probably take a few cuttings from my huge string of hearts.

Let me know what you have and we can go from there! :slight_smile:


I am starting up my plant collection - I have lots of Piles but not much else. Wondering if you’d be happy to sell and post as you have everything I am looking for :slight_smile:

hi would u be willing to trade smth outside of europe once the package ban is over bcs i really like ur monstera standleyana and peru and i have a lot to trade.


  • Scadens (Heart Leaf)
  • Brazil
  • rubescens
  • micans
  • Golden Pothos
  • Scinpasus Pictum
  • Atom
  • Raphidaphora Tetrasperma
  • Monstera adinsonii
  • monstera deliciosa


  • Lancifolia (Rattlesnake Plant)
  • Zebrina (Zebra Plant)


  • String of Turtles
  • String of Hearts
  • String of Hearts Variegated
  • String of Hearts Silver Glory
  • Pilea Peperomioides
  • Sansaveria Variegated
  • Sansaveria Cylindrica
  • Sanseveria Moonshine
  • Umbrella Plant
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Interested in monstera standleyana, spathacea and I feel able to give watermelon a try again :joy:
If you’re interested in succulents I have a hecking tonne, I got some tradescantia sillamontana, nannook palida and bleached bunny bellies ready to swap,

Can take some Rhipsalis cuttings too, Mesembryanthemoides & baccifera subs. horrida

and a wee rubra

I am having serious trouble uploading pictures… They keep telling me failed when I try add them on my post, my internet has been a mare recently :cry:

Hello - I would love some of your peru but not sure I have anything exciting enough in return! I have scindapus pictus argaeryus, purple passion, syngonium pixie, peperomia hope, string of dolphins… but not sure I can match Mildred above! Let me know if you’re interested x

Hey, I am interested in your pilea babies what would you like in return?