UK newbie #want philodendrons, calatheas, peperomia, rubber, pothos, anything pink!

Hello all, I’m very new to the houseplant world and I’m slowly but surely growing my collection since September 2019.

I’m looking for any extra cuttings or unwanted parts of philodendrons, calatheas, rubber, peperomias, pathos and anything pinkish too!

Unfortunately, I don’t have much in the way of swaps as most of my plants are still growing. I do however have 3 large and 1 sizeable Jade Plant to take from - they are more like bushes/mini trees. I understand that these are pretty common and might not make for very good swaps but happy to offer these for free to new homes anyway!

As it stands, I currently have:
Aloe Vera (growing), Coleus (growing), Areca Palm, Monstera Deliciosa, Prayer Plant (growing), Anthurium (may not survive), Ficus Ginseng Bonsai, Blue Star Fern (may not survive), Jade Plant, Japonica Fatsia (growing), Pilea peperomioides (growing), Vicks Plant (growing), Heart Leaf Philodendron (rooting), Kalanchoe, Umbrella Plant (currently a bit peaky)

Based in Glasgow, Scotland if it makes anything easier?!

Hello, I don’t have that much at the moment either but once shrugging starts growing more in the spring I should have. Your had looks lovely! I’ll remember to get back to you then if you like. I know it can be hard building your collection through swaps at first but I’ve come across generous people who are willing to swap for the love of plants and not just the value of them and I want to pass it forward. Catch up in a few months.

Yes, definitely drop me a message when the time comes!
I’ve caught the plant bug at a bad time during Winter when everything is dormant :joy:

whenever your Heart Leaf Philodendron is big enough to make a cutting, I would be happy to trade for something from my collection:

Rubber Plant:
Ficus Elasitca

Or for your Pink Collection:
pink/white/green Colues
Angel Wing Begonia with pink blossoms
Aglaonema Siam Aurora