UFT PPP & R. Tetrasperma cuttings

***EDIT 7/10 - PPP ARE ALL CLAIMED :smile: still have some rhaphidophora tetrasperma though! Considering all offers

Hi all! Long time, no swap, and I could really use fun plant mail! :laughing:

I have some small pink princess philodendron cuttings (with some roots/new leaves developing) and I have a bunch of rooted rhaphidophora tetrasperma cuttings.

Wanna trade? I’m looking for something fun but I’m not sure what. My top wishlist plant is an aglaonema pictum tricolor, which is probably a stretch but hey, shoot for the stars, right? :sparkles: :slight_smile: (but seriously if that was ever an option, I would take cuttings of nearly anything for that, lol)

Other wishlist plants:
Begonia pavonina
Philodendron berkin
Philodendron white knight
Zz raven

I’d also be interested in some less common monsteras or philodendrons.

I’m open to most trades so let me know what you’ve got and maybe we can swap! :slight_smile: you can message me here, or send me a message on my Instagram @plantandpotter

Hello. I have a raven zz. Interested in pink princess.

Hi thanks for responding :slight_smile: I’m currently swapping for a zz raven with someone else. Do you have anything else to swap? Thanks!

Hi, I sent you a message :slight_smile:

@januarystorrs thanks, I just responded! :slight_smile:

I’m willing to give a fully rooted baby birkin for a pink princess cutting :blush: let me know if you’re interested :slight_smile:

Ahh! I would have loved to swap, but all 3 of my cuttings have been claimed. I’m not able to cut again right now as the mother plant is still recovering/putting out new leaves. I may be able to in the fall though, if you don’t find one before then! :slight_smile:

I have 5 berkins available. 3" pots, small babies
PPP cuttings.
2 small thai constellations

Considering selling them.

ISO rooted albo or the larger version