Trading plant props or cuttings

Hi, I’m looking to grow my plant collection and trade some cuttings or props with others. I have…
Golden pothos
Heart shaped philodendron
Pepperomia polybotyra
I am interested in anything
And I personally love philodendrons

Hi Maddie,

I have several beginner house plants that I’d love to trade.

I have 3 types of pothos: pearls n jade, golden and satin.

Lots of rooted snake plant.

Christmas cactus

Some cactus and succulent seeds.

A few other random goodies I could add too.

I am in AZ so trading most anytime works. :wink:

I have been wanting a snake plant for a while I am in New Mexico so it would be pretty quick for our shipping

I would trade some lemon lime philodendron or neon philodendron rooted cuttings for peperomia what kind of snake do you have?

Currently I have a heart leaf philodendron rooting and a very well rooted syngonium