Trading for any cuttings!


-cushion bush
-pink fittonia
-english ivy
-silver pothos
-golden pothos
-variegated pothos
-gold dust croton
-peperomia variegata
-rattlesnake calathea
-pink & green chinese evergreen
-different succulents

let me know if you’re interested! :slight_smile:
& let me know what you have!!


What kind of pink aglaonemas do you have?


I have aglaonema wishes and creta/valentine, if you’re looking.


Hi there! What kind of succulents do you have?


Hi! Interested in rattlesnake calathea and silver pothos. I have purple oxalis, red maranta, watermelon pep, ripple pep, moonshine snake plant, burgundy ficus elastica, and purple wandering jew to trade


@strawbmango I have a small greenhouse with succulents and houseplants if you’d like to trade :slight_smile: