Tradescantia Pallida / Begonia Maculata

Hi! I have some tradescantia pallida (aka wandering Jew, creeping Jesus, Purple Heart) and some begonia macula ya (a non flowering hybrid of some kind). These started out as clippings that I put in 3 inch pots. They have been in these pots for about 6 weeks. I would call them small well established plants.
I’m not looking for anything in particular. I would prefer some low to med light planties.

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I have some cool cuttings I can trade for your begonia

Begonia Maculata has been on my wish list for a while. I could trade any cuttings of the following aeschynanthus longicaulis, aeschynanthus radicans, monstera adansonii, syngonium podophyllum, ficus benjamina varegata, ficus maclellandii, scindapsus pictus exotica.