Trades in EU ?! 🌿 Lot of rares

What i have for trade;

Pink splash, albo variegata, three kings, mojito, pixie, angustatum and white butterfly.
Philodendron nangaritense, Philodendron prince of orange, spathiphyllum variegata/domino, philodendron lemon lime, alocasia portodora, strelixia Nicolai, aglaomena pink spot, pepperomia silver frost, Epipremnum N’joy , epipremnum snow queen, hypoestes white wash, philodendron cordatun silver stripe, calathea trio star, zamiifolia araceae, Chlorophytum agavoideae, Monstera tetrasperma, tradescantia Nanouk, Asparagus setaceus Asparagales, diaffenbachia Reflector, Giant monstera cuttings, Beconia maculata, Ficus elastica.
Shipping only in EU :hugs::herb:

Looking for some rares, variegatas. Also wetsticks!

syngoniums: Panda, red spot, nguengi llaima, aurea and others.

Philos: pink princess, jose buono, burble marx, gloriosum, lupinum, black cardinal, pastazanum, white princess, billieitae, mamei, el choco, ring of fire,plowmanii,giganteum,melanochrysum,montanum, florida ghost, atabapoense, florida beauty, sagittifolium and other.

Monsteras: Dubia, pinnatipartita, subpinnata, siltepecana

Others: euphorbia lactea variegata/white ghost, calathea fusion white,


Hello, I have some small Philodendron white princesses. They have been with my sister for a while now cos I’m out of space haha, but can send you photos later. I’m interested in Syngonium mojito and P. silver stripe. Are they rooted?

Hi! I have monstera siltepecana and I’m interested in Pink splash and three kings :yellow_heart::seedling:

Hi! I am really intered in syngonium three kings, also i don’t have at my collection angustatum and white butterfly. What I can offer:
-syngoniums: cream allusiom, mango allusion, María alusium, and cuttings of confetii and Red arrow.

  • tradenscantia: tradenscantia pálida, fluminensis tricolor, zebrina, sillamontana…

  • calathea Calathea burle-marxii ‘Amagris’

  • Scindapsus Pothos Pictus Exotica , pictus trebie, scindapsus pictus silvery ann.
    If you are interested in any of these plants please contact me. I will send you pics. Thanks!!!

Just noticed your message. Yes, they are rooted. Im interested for white princess!

Ok, will send you photos privately, so I don’t spam here.

Can u send me email? Thank you :herb:

Hi there,
I have rooted pink princess cuttings and I am interested in your philodendron silver strip.

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Can u send me email pls?
Im interested :blush:

I have already sent you email and also sent you pics in pm.

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hi there, i have some to swap they are as follows:
crassula ovata gollum stem cuttings already calloused, nephrolepis boston fern babies(bare rooted), chlorophytum bonnie babies, thanks giving cactus cuttings, crassula ovata.
willing to trade for begonia maculata, ficus elastica, philodendron prince of orange, peperomia silver frost, philodendron cordatun silver stripe, tradescantia nanouk, syngonium albo or syngonium three kings.
obviously i don’t want all of these just a few and i will swap all of the plants if you want.
if you are interested letme know and we can sort the rest out over email.
thank you.

Hello, I have rooted pink princess and burle marx, I’m interested in three king and dieffenbachia reflector.
U have PM

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