Trades in EU ?! 🌿 Also rares!

Looking for some trades in EU :herb::star_struck:

What i #have for trade right now


  • Pink splash (cuttings and plants with roots)
  • albo variegata (cuttings and plants with roots)
  • mojito/mottled ( cuttings and plants with roots)
  • pixie (with roots)
  • llano road (cuttings)
  • white butterfly (cutting)

-Verrucosum (rooted top cutting :herb:)

  • Aglaomena pink spot (plant with roots)
  • pepperomia silver frost (with roots)
  • Epipremnum N’joy (leaves with roots and cuttings)
  • epipremnum snow queen (with roots and cuttings)
  • hypoestes white wash (with roots)
  • philodendron cordatun silver stripe (rooted cuttings)
  • calathea trio star ( rooted plant)
  • zamiifolia araceae (with roots)
  • Monstera tetrasperma (cutting)
  • Asparagus setaceus Asparagales (plant with roots)
  • diaffenbachia Reflecto (rooted baby)
  • Beconia maculata (cutting)
  • Ficus elastica (rooted plants)
  • monstera adansonii (cuttings)
  • philodendron xanadu (with roots)
  • strelixia nicolai (rooted plants)

Coming for trade soon;

  • Philodendron nangaritense (Whole plant)
    -Philodendron prince of orange (whole plant)
  • spathiphyllum variegata/domino (rooted plant)
  • alocasia portodora (whole plant)
  • syngonoum three kings (cutting)
  • syngonium angustatum (cutting)
  • Burle max variegata (cuttings)
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------#Want some rarer plants and variegated plants for :dollar: or :seedling:

Syngoniums: Panda, red spot, nguengi llaima, aurea , wendlandii and all other syngoniums❤️

Philos: pink princess, white knight, jose buono, white wizard, gloriosum, lupinum, black cardinal, pastazanum, white princess, billieitae, mamei, el choco, ring of fire,plowmanii,giganteum,melanochrysum,montanum, florida ghost, atabapoense, florida beauty, sagittifolium and all other…!

Monsteras: Dubia, pinnatipartita, subpinnata, siltepecana and others.

sorry, Im not interested about other hoyas than kerii variegatum.

Please tell me what you have and what you want for it. Eu shipping with good packaking :airplane::package::herb:
You can email me;

Hello, I’m from Spain you can see most of my plants in instagram @spainaroids

Hi! you intersted for some trades? Please sen me a email ( I dont get eny message nofications from here.

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