Trade for a begonia Tamaya

I have a pink princess philodendron and I want to trade for a begonia Tamaya tree form I know this plant is not common in the USA I am willing to send overseas

Hi there I know you are looking for a specific plant but would u be interested in trading for something else for a cutting? I have a few rare guys… check em out @Petalsinfullbloom

Hi! @Petalsinfullbloom I have some pink princess cuttings currently rooting…would you be interested in trading for a cutting of your yellow variegated monstera? Thanks!

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I’m definitely interested if you still have these cuttings!

Hi :blush: I’m interested in a pink princess cutting, I have a few plants I could trade for. Check out my Instagram @laurasjungle

Hey there sorry for the late response, my monstera is really little still. I’d love to trade I just think it’s too young to take a cutting from, was there something else you’d be interested in