Too cold to trade? If not, I'm looking for variegated Monstera or Monstera Obliqua :)

I have:

Tradescantia zebrina
Donkey Tail Succulent
String of pearls
Pothos and variegated Pothos


And these (I don’t know the name of them)

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Bottom two are ricrac/fishbone cactus ; Epiphyllum anguliger
And blue star fern ; Phlebodium aureum.

Heads up though… Variegated monstera varieties are still quite rare and those who have cutting to trade will be looking for something rare in return so you might be best biting the bullet and buying a cutting I’m afraid to say.

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@Mildred.DOOM I thought that might be the case! Thank you :slight_smile: Do you know any sites that sell good quality cuttings etc?

Thanks also for the identification :slight_smile:

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You can buy baby Thai constellation on eBay but I assume its borsigiana your really after?
I’ve seen these guys on IG with cuttings but not sure how often theyre available.
And this lady maybe able to help as well. Good luck!

Have a look for eastern tropicals online and on insta. Brilliant selection of cuttings. I’m sure you’ll find something in your price range

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