The dummy that repotted a Calathea

Sooo I wasn’t thinking… And my calathea corona had spider mites… So I repotted it and now its not looking too well.

Does anyone have any tips to revive this little guy?? :pensive:

Hey, I would say treat the spider mites and then once they are all gone focus on cutting some of the dead leaves off. This may promote new growth and allow the plant to focus it’s energy on the healthy parts :slightly_smiling_face:

This is good as its what I’ve done! All of the leaves look okay, just super curled and a little crispy. Shall I cut them all off?

I would suggest cutting of the worst ones and then slowly getting rid of the rest as the new shoots grow, though if your feeling brave you could cut them all off … I think if it was me I would be too scared to do that :joy:

Yeah, I am a little too scared to do that! Will the currently leaves ever prop up again? Or will I have to wait for new growth? I’m so upset :frowning:

I would cut off the really bad ones and wait for new growth then gradually get rid of the damaged ones as new leaves pop up

Ahh the waiting game! I’m so impatient too :frowning:

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I know that feeling :joy: