Taking cuttings of my r. Tetrasperma, calathea musaica, begonia maculata wightii, etc

My plants need trims, so I’m going to be taking some fresh cuttings soon.

I have:

  • angel wing begonia “my special angel”
  • calathea musaica
  • begonia maculata wightii
  • Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma
  • red line maranta
  • monstera adonsonii (rooted)
  • pilea peperomioides (rooted)
  • strawberry begonia (rooted)
  • abutilon var. Thompsonii (rooted)

I’m interested in:

  • aglaonema pictum tricolor
  • Thai constellation (or maybe other var. monstera)
  • ficus triangularis variegata
  • variegated bear paw
  • obesa cactus
  • silver glory string of hearts

I’m trying to just focus on maintaining the plants I have right now, and only seeking special ones on my wish list. I will only have one r. Tetrasperma cutting so I’m only likely to let that go for my top wish list plants, like the aglaonema :upside_down_face::seedling::green_heart: I may also be able to provide a fresh cutting of a pink princess philodendron for the right trade. Come find me on Instagram @PlantandPotter or I will respond through this site. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Happy swapping.

I have a small, about 12 inches tall, variegated Monstera deliciosa thai constilations plant, not cutting. The leaves were damaged when being shipped to me so I will not sell the plant in my store. You can see in the picturethe damage is not bad.15618456937496026993668244798397 I would trade for calathea musica and Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma cutting.


I sent you a message :slight_smile:

I’m interesting in the r. tetrasperma. I do have a large Thai constellation cutting, but it isn’t big enough to take cuttings from. Thankfully it’s putting out a new leaf right now so we’ll see. I’m also willing to pay cash. You can find me on Instagram @lbtropicals to see my entire plant collection. Maybe there’s something on their that you’ll like.

So sorry I forgot to respond. Messaging you now!

Hey! Would love to purchase a cutting of your Rhaphidophora please please please :herb: you can message me on my Instagram @allysonicolevans

Hi, is your musaica still available? I have variegated bear paws, and obesa cactus.