Syngonium plant mom in search of wishlist plants

Hello everyone,

I’m new on this forum :slight_smile: I’m a syngonium collector mainly and I would really like to connect with other like minded persons so we may share cuttings via trades or do some sales.

Location : Wroclaw, Poland where some rare plants are cheaper when sold on Facebook groups.

My wishlist syngoniums are:

  • Ngern lai ma variegated

  • Red spot tricolor

  • Imperial white

  • T25

  • Grey ghost

Love to hear back if any of you in Europe have such plants that we could swap with or I can purchase :slight_smile:

Sending plant kisses your way,

I’m a Syngonium collector too!

I have imperial white available to swap…what kind of syngoniuns do you have available to swap?


Hello! I have ngern laima variegated and grey ghost. They need to grow before propagatin, but if you are ready to wait ill have them for trade soon :herb::pray: