Swapsies- want/ have

Echeveria setosa (established plant and cuttings)
Sedum burrito (cuttings: mix of rooted/unrooted)
Rhipsalis paradoxa (unrooted)
String of pearls (rooted)
Epiphyllum (fish bone cactus- unrooted)
Golden pothos
Pilea peperomioidies
Crassula ovata (unrooted cuttings)
Philodendron squamiferum (unrooted cuttings)

Looking for:
Cacti/ succulents
Calathea (various species)
Rhipsalis (various species)
Echeveria Purpusorum
Graptoveria fred ives
Graptopetalum pentandrum

Open to other suggestions for swaps :blush:

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I have a purpusorum pup, I’ll try remember to DM you a pic tomorrow :+1:

I’m interested in your rhipsalis, I have numerous different calathea plants (unrooted), and all together over 200 plants. If you let me know which calathea plants you are interested in I’ll see if I have it.

I also some cacti and succulents but I’m selling off a lot as I’m not a huge fan and I’m running out of space but I’ll look and see if I have the ones you mentioned.

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I’d be interested in a P. squamiferum cutting, what do you want for it? :blush:

I have plenty of Pepperomia rotundafolia or Crassula Rupestris or Jade plant if you’d like :+1:


Any Calathea would be great! I’d also like so see what other cacti and succulents you have if at all possible?

Thank you! :grinning:

Hey! I’d be interested in swapping! What do you have?

I could take fresh Echeveria leaves, although I don’t know what kinds they are. I also have Sanseveria fernwood, echeveria lilacina, philodendron micans, pothos, muehlenbeckia, begonia lucerna (not sure if it’s really lucerna, but it’s some begonia with dots :smile_cat:), plectranthus verticillatus.

I’d love to have the philodendron micans!
Send me your address and I can pop my p. squamiferum In the post for you tomorrow!