Swaps? Variety of houseplants and succulents


I’m looking to expand my collection

I currently have the following
Moonstone succulent
Spider plant
Aloe black gem alworthia
Not sure what type but I have lots of a blue/purple/green echeveria
Sedum stahlii
Echeveria setosa (Mexican Firecracker)
Burros Tail
Loooooads of what I believe to be an Echeveria blue prince

Not rooted
Delosperma echinatum (pickle plant)
Variagated Jade- Crassula ovata ‘lemon and lime’
Marble queen pothos
Crassula Ovata Jade plant
Peperomia rotundifolia
Crassula rupestris
Prayer plant

I’m interested in pretty much any other plants that I don’t have already but the following are on my wish list.

Peperomia pepperspot
Peperomia prostrata
Peperomia hope
Peperomia polybotrya
String of pearls (rooted please because I cannot get cuttings I’be bought so far to root!)
String of hearts
Haworthia Retusa
Mother of thousands
Any type of monstrera

Especially interested in pretty much all succulents and would love to trade some cuttings!

I’m also up for selling the ones I own if that’s of any interest to anyone


Hi I’m interested in your peperomia rotundudifolia or the moonstone succulent. I have peperomia pixie. I can give you rooted or fresh cuttings I could plant them if you wanted that instead. I’m in the UK btw

hey, i’m not super interested in peperomia pixie but i saw on another comment that you had lots of succulent babies. would you be able to take a picture if the ones you have because i would be interested in trading them! :smile:

Great I will send pics at some point👍

Hey, I have a rooted peperomia hope cutting and another that I’m hoping will root soon.

I can also take fresh cuttings from my string of hearts.

I’m interested in your echeverias, the blue prince, kalanchoe and the crassula rupestris. Do you have pics of those?


I have monsteras
Monkey mask


Would you be interested in any for some of yours?

Let me know!

Thank you!


I’d love a monstera monkey mask. Which cuttings if mine would you be interested in?

I’m no longer requiring a peperomia hope or string of hearts. What other cuttings do you have please? If you have something I’m interested I will send pictures of all of mine to you :smile:

Hey Daisy,

I have all of your offers above except for the Sedum Stahlii.
Can I see a picture of your burros tail, and your echeveria please. Also your variegated crassulas.
I think I’ll have a few other succulents rooted to share with you.

hi ild be very intrested in ur sedum stahlii, moonstone succulent, burros tail

I have a lot of string of hearts as well as peperomia protrata (on my profile under expand u can see al the plants i have)