Swaps for ZZ raven plants? UK only sorry

I have two full size ZZ ravens for sale on my Etsy shop- but would consider swapping for anything interesting :blush: Also have some much smaller cuttings with rooted tubers I’d be willing to swap for more common plants. But afraid I have quite a large collection and am limiting generally to wishlist only. Both plants are quite large.

Looking for :herb:
Philo brasil ‘cream splash’
Variegated syngonium
Certain Caladiums
Anthurium Clarinervium
Rarer Hoyas (variegated Hindu rope)
Rare philos e.g
Florida ghost
Burle Marx
Monstera borsigiana
Monstera Peru
Manjula Pothos
Variegated heartleaf Philo
Green oxalis
Open to offers though :blush:

Hi have some satin philodendrons if you would be interested swapping for a cutting of the ZZ

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Do you mean satin Pothos? I’m afraid I already have that plant :grimacing:. But I would definitely be interested to swap for something else or sell. Unfortunately though, I am in self isolation atm and my local post office is shutting but I’m happy to arrange a swap now and contact you when all this is over. :crossed_fingers: