Swap plants/cuttings syngonium, tradenscantia, scindapsus, others

I will like to complete my collection of syngonium:
These are what I have : albo variegata, mojito, confetti, pink spash, cream allusion, mango allusion, María alusión, pink neon, green pixie, Red arrow.
I am.interested in any other variaty, but specially I am.looking for:

  • Syngonium Strawberry Ice, syngonium 3 kings, green splash, syngonium yellow variegated…but open to any proposal.
  • I have the following tradenscantia. I am interested in any other variaty.
  • tradenscantia ivory hill
  • tradenscantia fluminensis variegata
  • tradenscantia silla Montana
  • tradenscantia pálida
  • tradenscantia zebrina
  • Tradenscantia green hill
  • Tradenscantia cuadricolor
    And I have the following other plants. And I am interested in any other variety.
    -scindapsus marble Queen
  • scindapsus pictus silver
  • scindapsus pictus silvery ann
  • scindapsus pictus trebie
    If you are interested in any of my plants contac me please, let’s see what we can swap!