Swap philodendron

Hello, I have some baby plants or rooting cuttings I would swap for some Philo I haven’t (black cardinal, prince of orange, subhastatum, Rojo Congo, Birkin, imperial red and maybe others) or dark alocasias.
That’s what I have:

P. Hastatum silver sword little rooted plant

P. Bipennifolium Horsehead rooted plant

P. Burle Marx cutting currently rooting in water

Monstera adansonii cutting currently rooting in water

Alocasia (unknown species) little rooted plant

I also have a p. Pink princess nice cutting I would swap for p. Mamei or sodiroi or plowmanii.


Beautiful collection! I wish I had something to offer you!

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Same lol! Dreaming of your burle Marx :heart_eyes:

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Hi. I have a pretty big birkin to swap, I’d be interested in the philodendron burle marx. Where are you? I’ll ship only to Europe.