Swap Monstera & Philodendron

Hi All!

I am looking for:

Philodendron white wizard
Philodendron pink princess
Monstera variegata albo
Philodendron forida beauty

Anyone up for a cutting swap? I have some beauties.


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Hey, I don’t have any of those but would you be willing to sell some of your cuttings? If so I would be extremely interested :blush:

Hey @jamestuk!

I have Monstera variegata cuttings, which I originally intended to put up on eBay this weekend. What cuttings do you have? Maybe we can swap.

Cheers from Germany.

I have:

P. Silver sword,
P. Florida ghost,
P. Brazil,
P. Golden Xanadu,
P. Pink princess,
P. Marble queen,
P. Royal queen,
P. Red emerald,
P. Prince of orange,
P. bipennifolium obliqua,
Monstera adansonii

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Hey, I don’t think I would have anything that would be of interest to you but if you are willing to sell some cuttings I would be interested. I am interested in the following

P. . Silver sword,
P. Florida ghost,
P. Pink princess,
P. Royal queen,
P. Red emerald,
P. Prince of orange,
P. bipennifolium obliqua

Hi @jamestuk, long time no see. :grinning:

I can offer you two cuttings, for a fuller looking plant. One with two leaves and plenty of white (leaf #1: one side was completely white and is now half gone, leaf #2: nicely marbled throughout), well rooted. Plus a second fresh cutting with less white in both leaves, that has a growing air root (will be able to take that second cutting in ~ 2 weeks, as one leaf is new and needs to grow some more). Both are younger plants, with about 16 cm long leaves, no fenestration yet. Happy to provide pics.

From your list I already have most plants :dizzy_face:, and would swap my two cuttings for cuttings of P. Florida ghost and P. Prince of Orange. Would those be fresh or rooted? And let me know if you are interested in a small rooted P. Squamiferum or Alocasia, I have rooted A. Cuprea and A. Zebrina, that I can throw in.

Talk soon!

Hi @Plantpony,
I’m also located in Germany - if you can please share the link to your ebay shop so I could check it out. Otherwise, you can see what I have in my profile in case you would like to swap.

Greetings from Berlin! :slight_smile: