Swap for anything cool

Im intrested in uncommon philodendrons, silver splash pothos, and/or monster adonsonii. If intreseted in swapping please message me on instagram @l.j.perry.
in my collection I have:
Cebu Blue pothos
Pilea peppermodies
Lemon-Lime/Green Maranta

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Hello! I dont have any of the plants you’re looking for but I’m really interested in your lemon-lime maranta, is there anything I can offer for one cutting :,( :heart:

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Yeah just DM me on Instagram @l.j.perry and ill just send you some if u just want to pay for shipping


Hello, I just requested to follow you :heart::herb:

hey, i have some adansonii cuttings if you are interested for your cebu blue? insta msg me @stay.rooted_

I can’t find you on IG but I am interested in all of your plants! I have cactus’a that bloom yellow flowers, Hawaiian spider plants, and purple shamrock if you’re interested!