Succulent plants for trailing plants

Hello everyone!

I have this succulent plants I’m looking into trading for trailing or climbing plants preferably.
Marble queen would be nice. Also some tradescantia -
Let me know!


I have golden Pothos and green philodendron cuttings?

Hi there Ben,

Welcome to Houseplantswap!

We can trade but I already have those two plants…

Any other trailing/climbing plants?

What kind of dieffenbachia do you have to trade?
Post a picture…

What plant do you want from mine?

Let me know!

I also have red veined prayer plant cuttings

What a beautiful plant!

Let me see the picture of your prayer plant…

I really like the long trailing type succulent

I also like any other house plants that you have!

Your plants look beautiful!
I have the prayer plant but not the dieffenbachia.
We can swap a cutting if you wish…
what would you like?

Do you have any cuttings besides the succulents?

Yes, I have. What are you looking for?

Really anything just list a few if u can please!


Have a look at my previous posts… the plants I have to swap are there in pictures. Most are still available.

I like the long trailing succulent

I think you are talking about the Rhipsalis Paradoxa
I’ll be pleased to trade with you but I have the 2 plants you’re offering.
Do you have anything else to trade?