Succulent/Houseplant Swap?



Hello everyone!

Would anyone be interested in doing a succulent/houseplant swap with me? I’m open for both, depending on what you have to offer. I included a very small list of succulent/plants i own. I have over 100 different types of succulents and probably 30 houseplants. The more, the merrier! (Edit: I counted my collection and I actually have 217 different types of succulent, cacti, and houseplants :see_no_evil: that’s not counting all of the random propagation leaves I have…)

HAVE: Succulent- Sedum adolphii “Firestorm”, Aeonium “Kiwi”, String of Tears, Sedum “Jelly Beans”, Euphorbia tirucalli “Firesticks”, Thimble cactus, Echeveria ‘Perle Von Nürnberg’, Graptoveria ‘Fred Ives’, Echeveria ‘Imbricata’, and hundreds of propagation leaves!
Houseplants- Silver philodendron, Ivy, Peperomia ruby cascade, Gynura aurantiaca “Purple passion”, and a Begonia with red/maroon leaves. I also have Ceropegia woodii but I won’t share that one too easily!

I don’t really have much in mind. I love fun plants! Let me know what you have to share and what you’d like. I can see what we can work out! I would be strongly interested in Hoya kerrii, Monstera deliciosa types, Pilea peperomioides, Echeveria Devotions, and most succulents that are variegated/crested or weirdos!

Check me out on Instagram @Minnesota_succulents for pictures of my collection or to chat about a swap!


Hi there!! I am definitely interested in most of your plants. I t seems we don’t have many of the same plants. I have many baby succulents and spider plants, also a variegated ivy. I haven’t propagated much and am just growing my plant family in n the last year. Thank you!


Hi :wave:t3: Thanks for replying!! I’ll DM you :two_hearts:


Hi I have a beautiful Hoya carnosa, Brazilian Philodendron, and gold dust plant would you be willing to trade for any of those?


Hi Margaret!! Yes, I’d be happy to do a swap with you! I believe I have a Gold Dust Plant (I never knew what it was until I looked at the pictures! Thanks for the ID help :two_hearts:) but the other two I would be interested in. Did you see anything in my list that caught your eye? If you’re interested in succulent, I just took a ton of Firestorm and Kiwi cuttings last night :+1:t3:


I’ve been dying to get some hearts on a string and I’ll gladly send you both if you’ll let me have some of yours


Unfortunately my String of Hearts is still rather small and I’m not willing to share it easily unless it’s for one of my wishlist plants. I do have a beautiful, long String of Tears I’d happily share cuttings of. :two_hearts: This photo was taken before they were watered a few days ago so they’re happily plump again! image|375x500


I won’t be home for a few days but I would be more than happy to check for some nodes on my m. deliciosa to send to you! I can DM you when I get back but if I can send some I would be really interested in the Euphorbia tirucalli or the thimble cactus :slight_smile:


Hey girl!

I would simply adore that! It’s always great swapping with you. I can send you some of both! I haven’t had luck rooting cuttings of my Firesticks before, so I’ll send you an already rooted piece, just in case!

Message me on Insta when you’re back around! Have fun on your Friend Trip!! :two_hearts:

-Abbie (@Minnesota_succulents)


Hello! I’m definitely interested in succulents. I’ll make sure to check out your insta and see if there’s anything I would want to trade for :slight_smile: you can check out my insta, @mazies7766_succulent to see if there’s anything you would like of mine.