Successful Swap!


I just received my first plant mail from @philodendronfriend . It was well packed and swiftly shipped! Now I will patiently wait for roots to appear :herb:


I also recieved a plant swap from @philodendronfriend and was really pleased with my clippings. Just waiting for the roots :slight_smile:


I’ve received my plant post today from lovely @sunnywindowsucculents ! Everything is just perfect! :blush:


And the other day a package arrived from @myplantloves and it was just beautiful!


What gorgeous packaging!!!


Loving my gorgeous plants from @Tevetovic and @Violet too. I was far too excited to think to get pictures of them in packaging! :joy: :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:


Wanted to do a shout out to @philodendronfriend for several super well rooted plants! They are healthy and ready to mingle :herb:


Thank you to @Tevetovic my monstera cutting has started to root and my surprise succie leaves are doing well :blush: great swapping with you! Hope your babies are doing ok​:crossed_fingers:t3:


Thank you @Robynfs they are all doing great! Was amazing swaping with you!


Received these adorable and wonderfully healthy strawberry begonia babies from @lynsdayfink


Thanks to @Robynfs for my lovely clippings. The colours are amazing. Great communication throughout, just waiting on these babies rooting :seedling::green_heart:


Hope they didn’t get too squashed in the post. They shouldn’t take long to root in this weather :crossed_fingers: can’t wait to recieve mine!


They were fine, perked up once in water. I sent a decent sized rooted section of pothos with a new leaf growing. Hopefully it should grow quickly for you :slightly_smiling_face:
I just hope it gets there in one piece also.


Shout out to @Selina for my gorgeous plant babies. They were packaged really well and all look very healthy. Thanks it was great swapping with you. I shall prep yours right away :blush:

Grow babies grow! :rofl:


@Wendolina He’s arrived :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: thank you so much! Great swapping with you xx :herb:


Ah I’m so pleased, and in one piece too. Mine are rooting already! After 2 days. Great swapping with you, enjoy xx


Thank you so much @Mildred.DOOM for my babies, they are just adorable! Packaged perfectly :heart_eyes::ok_hand:


You can even reuse the stamp! Thank you royal mail :joy:


I can vouch for @Wendolina & @Selina and of course Jessie @Propagationtime
Some of the swaps in their new homes :laughing:


Love this, I love plant mail, it’s the best. :ok_hand: