Successful secret Santa!


Thank you so much @knotsandleaves for my gorgeous cuttings! They’re all stunning! I’m in love with the Philododren Brazil! I keep looking at it :joy::joy::joy:


Yay! So glad they all arrived safely, enjoy them :slight_smile: Merry Christmas lovey :christmas_tree: xxxx


Thank you!:blush: You too!:christmas_tree::christmas_tree:


Has everyone received their packages? @Niki @Propagationtime @belindi @Olihth @Crzyplantlady


I haven’t yet but I’m not worried. It’s taken a week for first class in the UK so shipping from the EU is bound to be longer


Hey! I haven’t yet either but same, I’m sure the post isn’t helping!


I haven’t yet, but i’m sure it will come!
I’m sending mine over to the UK with someone who will put in next day delivery so it stays out of the cold, but it will arrive before Christmas!


I would send it as soon as possible! First class is taking over a week to arrive and my secret planta (sent guaranteed next day) took four days to arrive!! :heart:


Btw the Royal Mail deadline for first class parcels to be delivered by Christmas is tomorrow!


I’ve found someone flying earlier to the UK! So they can take it to the post office on Friday for guaranteed next day (or 4 days later, right Jessie?!)
Fingers crossed!


Yup, that’s great! But I’m not sure about the rules on flying with plants :woman_shrugging:


Hello sorry for the delay I sent it today I got swamped a bit at work sorry :sob::sob: BUT IT’S ON IT’S WAY!! :heart:


:grin::grin::grin: Oh how exciting!


So happy to see the amount of Secret Santa plant swapping this season!

Happy holidays all! :christmas_tree: :santa: :christmas_tree: :mrs_claus: :christmas_tree:


Feel free to dm me if you have any issues or concerns!


I received mine right before leaving on Xmas vacation so didn’t get a chance to say a big thank you to SuccObsession!! :heart_eyes::herb::green_heart::star_struck:
I had time to pop them in water and then flew off!
Huge thanks for organizing as well!


@Niki I’m so glad you’re happy! I was a bit worried it didn’t arrive but I didn’t want to spoil the surprise :grin:! I’m so glad everyone’s happy, will definitely be doing again :heart:


Hey, I’m not sure who had me as their secret Santa but it’s still not arrived :disappointed: just hope it hasn’t been lost! Hope you all had a good Christmas and happy new year x


I wanna ask if the one I sent a package received it?:0


You were sending to @belindi right? I’m not sure, she hasn’t contacted me otherwise? You could always message her