Someone please sell/trade me a p. strawberry shake! Any form (rooted, unrooted, chonk, etc.) is fine by me!

I have some rare philos/monsteras/other aroids to trade and am also completely fine with purchasing. I just want one so bad!! PLEASE HELP ME FILL THIS VOID IN MY PLANT COLLECTION/HEART/SOUL

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hannah aka “epi”

Hi, and chance you have variegated florida beauty? It’s the only thing I’m looking to trade for shake

Unfortunately I don’t :frowning:

Any chance you’d still be willing to sell me a cutting?

I only have a little baby plant that’s too small to cut. I need to save it in case I can find a beauty trade… They are so hard to find :frowning:

If my beauty cutting ever roots and then grows reach out to me! I’d love a swap of this. @msmacrame on IG.

Hi, okay yeah, let me know! @januaryrosebridal

Is your beauty cutting on ig? I didn’t see it

No. I barely have anything on IG. LOL. Was meant to be business page but morphed into plant page. Too busy looking at other people’s plants to post my own. And FBV hasn’t rooted so haven’t posted.

Ah yes, same with mine lol. Okay let me know when it grows, thanks!!

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oh and here’s the baby shake