Show me your cacti swaps


Just looking to see what weird and wonderful cacti are out there for swaps. I may have swaps of cacti/succulents. :green_heart::cactus::heart_eyes:


Ahaha they’ve been growing on me recently too but also reminding me why i used to hate them every time they prick me :joy: my Morrison’s have golden barrels for £5 in I reckon 10cm pots they were good size! Took all the will power to only take one cacti home :joy:


I’m after allsorts, I keep finding more and more odd looking ones that I want… someone on here must be a keen cacti collector (I’m hoping) :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


If you get stuck with no offers I can send a few cuttings :joy:… I’m a total trading whore atm


Haha me too, I wouldn’t say no :wink: