Shipping plants in winter



Hey plantpeople!

What are your thoughts and experiences regarding mailing plants and cuttings in winter? I see people arrange trades and buy on auction sites all the time, but have myself always stuck to the rule “don’t mail it when temperatures dip below 10 degrees Celsius at night”. :thinking:


I would put a heat pack in the box of a shipped plant that is in soil and has roots. If it’s just cuttings, I’d wait until it’s around 45-50°F outside.


I find that if you ship bareroot then it doesn’t rot at all. Usually the plant should be fine as long as its packed well and not travelling far.


Bubble wrap works like insulation!! That’s why gardeners use it on their greenhouses :blush:


Yes, same. 50°F is around 10°C. Doubt that most people would have heat packs, I certainly don’t. Commercial sellers probably do.


But it might freeze, no?


That’s a great idea! So far I’ve only ever shipped and received plants/cuttings wrapped in paper. Next time I get a delivery with bubble wrap I’ll save it. Thanks for the tip @mildred.DOOM!


Yeah it could but I doubt the sorting office or van would get that cold, well at least in England it wouldn’t. The only time I’ve had cold damage / rotting occur when receiving plants is from Thailand because of the countries it traveled through :slight_smile: I wouldn’t say its anything that happens a lot, I’ve shipped plants to Sweden in below minus temperatures and the plants were fine!


I have a cupboard I keep all reusable boxes/bubbles/tissue paper in, its definitely the way forward #reuserecycle :blush:


Wow, thanks for sharing. Makes me feel a little bit better about sending plants off in winter. One more question, if you don’t mind: Do you wrap a wet paper towel around the roots are does bareroot mean soil-free, unwrapped roots?


:clap::clap: Totally agree, and reuse & recycle myself.


It normally depends what you’re shipping, if its a succulent it’s a bad idea but if its a moisture loving plant or something that you’ve been water propagating then it definitely helps!