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Hi all,

I’ve got a ton of beautiful plant babies and am looking to trade and just help out with people looking for something new. I have several rooted cuttings ready for new homes and will be taking another round of cuttings this weekend. I’m happy to send out fresh unrooted cuttings as well if you want to root them yourself. Find me on IG @daffadowndillyy let’s connect!

Here’s what I have ready for new homes:
Monstera D
2 varieties of swiss cheese vine
Vining phil.
Various cacti (large and small)
Spider plant

Will be ready in about 8 weeks:
Monstera D
2 varieties of swiss cheese vine
Mini wax leaf hoya
Gold fish plant
Various pothos (5 varieties)
Vining Phil.
Various cacti
Mican velvet Phil.

My wishlist is:
Hoya Kerrii
Whale fin sansevieria
Ric Rack Cactus
Tephrocactus geometricus
Tillandsia xerographica
Rhaphidophora tetrasperma
Amydrium medium monstera variety
Dioon Edule
Sensitivity plant
Mimosa tree
Epiphyllium (any)
Peperomia prostara
Cereus forbesii spiralis
Large cactus specimens

I have a night blooming cereus and a Ric Rac cactus (selenicereus). Both I would take fresh cuttings of (they would be calloused over by the time you received them!). I would love P. Princess philo.

Excellent! Do you have IG? If so find me @daffadowndillyy I’m planning to mail cuttings out Monday 8/6. :+1:

Hello there!

I have mimosa pudica seedlings I started beginning of July. They’re probably big enough to ship (or will be in 8 weeks for sure). I also have Ruby Cascade, which falls in the Peperomia prostrata category. It’s gorgeous!! I also have hundreds of succulent/cacti varieties. I would be interested in either of the Monstera varieties you have.

I just followed you on Insta so feel free to communicate there also if you’re interested. :two_hearts:

-Abbie @minnesota_succulents

Hi would you be interested in trading pink princess for a whale fin? My whale fin has a baby that’s looking for a trade. IMG_20180805_095853_263|399x499

I may be able to get my hands on a sensitivity plant clipping for you, once i get it rooted I can send your way. I would just die for a monstera. Would also love a was leaf hoya!

I’ve got tons of Monstera and, Hoya is also no problem. Let me know when you want to swap! :wink:

Do you have IG? I can message you on there when I get it rooted.

Yes! @daffadowndillyy

I’m adding you on Instagram. My Instagram is @aloemetogrow. I have tons of clippings and plant babies including cacti, pothos, zz plants, snake plants, peperomia, succulents including various types of echeveria, sempervivium, and aloe. Let me know if you are interested!

I have rhaphidaphora cuttings

Would you consider giving me a Swiss cheese vine if I would pay for postage?