Several cuttings to swap

I want:
• Sansevieria moonshine
• Sansevieria masoniana
• Syngonium wendlandii
• Ficus triangularis variegata
• Alocasia dragon scale
• Christia Obcordata
• Pothos cebu blue
• Hoya deykei
• Dischidia nummularia
• Peperomia watermelon
• Variegated string of hearts

I have (rooted cuttings):
• Monstera adansonii
• Monstera karstenianum
• Pothos n’joy
• Pothos marble queen
• Pilea peperomioides (small plant)
• Hoya linearis
• Hoya polyneura (unrooted)
• Selenicereus Anthonyanus
• ZZ raven leaf

I have a rooted pink syngonium I would be happy to swap for hoya mathilde cuttings. If you’re interested I can send a photo!

Yes, please, I would like to see a photo. My hoya mathilde cuttings are unrooted. I can take the cuttings, put them in water and do the swap when they have roots, if you prefer them with roots.

Hi, here’s a photo of the rooted cutting! It’s in a pot right now but I’ll send it bare roots. I’m happy to swap for an unrooted hoya mathilde - do you have any photos? :slight_smile:

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It’s lovely. Great! Here some photos of the cuttings. I took them yesterday from the plant ans took off the lower leaves.

Mother plant

Are they OK for you?

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Perfect - thank you! I’ll DM you now so we can exchange details.