Seeking: New Plant Children

Would love to find a Peperomia Pixie, anything Variegated but I’m open to anything. I have some cuttings/rootings going right now that I’m able to trade. I’m working on rooting Persian Shield, Wandering Jew, Neon Pothos, Watermelon Peperomia, Brazil Philodendron, Silver Pothos, Marble Pothos, and I also have a little stash of cold hard CASH welllll Electronic Card Payment! I also have a Tillandsia pup (and two more in the making). The watermelon is JUST starting but I can send a cutting if ya want. I’m also willing to let go of a Swiss Cheese cutting that can be rooted by me or you if you want but I’m a little too attached to it to cut it off just yet. Commitment issues! Hahaha! Let me know if you wanna trade anything. Don’t need any string of pearls or bananas though. Thanks folks! Oh, I’m located in Oklahoma! :slight_smile:

Hi there! My name is Abbie and I’m from Minnesota. I collect succulents, but I also have a nice collection of houseplants to offer too!

HAVE: Succulent- Sedum adolphii “Firestorm”, Aeonium “Kiwi”, String of Tears, Sedum “Jelly Beans”, Euphorbia tirucalli “Firesticks”, Thimble cactus, Echeveria ‘Perle Von Nürnberg’, Graptoveria ‘Fred Ives’, Echeveria ‘Imbricata’, and hundreds of propagation leaves! I have at least 150 different types of succulents to choose from.
Houseplants- Silver philodendron, Peperomia ruby cascade, Gynura aurantiaca “Purple passion”, Dragon’s Tongue, Arrow Head Plant, Philodendron selloum, Red Aglaonema, and a Rex Begonia with red/maroon leaves. I have Mimosa pudica seedlings that are growing fast too (my new favorite plant!!). I also have Ceropegia woodii but I won’t share that one too easily either!

I am interested in your Persian Shield, Watermelon Peperomia, Tillandsia, and of course, the Monstera!. Let me know if you see anything and we can work on a trade! If you want to see photos, let me know or check out my Instagram @minnesota_succulents.

I have been looking everywhere for mimosa (sensitive) plant! I’d trade you for a monstera (Swiss cheese) cutting. I’m in MS. I’m trying to root one now (never tried with the monstera before).

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Hi Sabrina!

I private messaged you! :two_hearts: