Seeking Micans, Pink Princess for Sherpherdii or Curtisii

In Brooklyn, NY (USA)———2 rooted stems to trade of either Sherpherdii or Curtisii, if more than one type of rooted Philodendrons are available I will send each variety of Hoya in exchange.
ie., 2 hoya = 2 philodendron
1 hoya = 1 philodendron

*****These particular Hoya have been challenging for my habitat. I am primarily seeking Micans, Pink Princess, Melanochrysum, or any velvet textured big leaf Philodendron. :green_heart::green_heart:

Can only ship on Saturday mornings due to busy work schedule. Will notify with tracking number when shipped.

Thanks! :hugs:

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hi I have philodendron mican’s cuttings or I can ship a bare rooted plant

are you located in canada?

I’m in Brooklyn, NY…USA

Hello! I have Philodendron micans and am very interested in your Hoya curtisii, if you are still looking.

Hi there :blush: how close do you live? Will need to check the forecast prior to locking this deal in. I inadvertently purchased a plant from a forum last weekend and it has been in transit in 15° weather all week, naturally I’m a bit scared.

Oh no! Sorry to hear it. (Hope your plant gets to you alive and well soon!) I’m in Washington, DC, so I think shipping to Brooklyn would be pretty quick. Let me know what you think.

I would think shipping to DC would be quick too. So, yesterday I went to the post office to investigate the missing package that has been in transit for 7 days from Massachusetts. It turns out it’s been held up at the hub in Brooklyn due to an overflow of packages. This was prior to Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The postal worker could not even tell me when it would leave the hub and be delivered to me, there was no way he could call to have it expedited.
I wanted to trade while we were still in the Fall season. Next month will be the worst for shipments and then we have Winter weather until March.
If you’re willing to take the risk and potentially receive a dead plant I’ll do it. I mean there is a chance it could survive if I package it very carefully with lots of insulation. Do you have enough of Micans to send a rooted piece?

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Yep, I will send a rooted piece. I don’t mind taking the risk. I’ll try to package it up with good insulation as well. I’ll shoot you a message and we can discuss details and trade info.

It should arrive Tuesday or Wednesday. FedEx Ground, the tracking # is in the pic attached. :blush: