Seeking climbing philos, anthuriums, monsteras, and other aroids

I’m building a living wall for climbing plants and am looking for some plants to start it off. I’m interested in aroids, but if you having something you think I’d like, feel free to let me know. I don’t care about rarity, as long as it’s a plant I find attractive. Also not too concerned about size. I’m willing to pay cash, or if you’d like, you can look at my plant collection on Instagram @lbtropicals and see if there’s anything there that you’d like. Happy swapping!

i have an unrooted vine of heart leaf philodendrons! if youre interested message me :relaxed:

I have:
heartleaf philodendron
philodendron brazil
lemon-lime philodendron
cebu blue pothos
pearls and jade pothos
silver pothos
krimson princess hoya carnosa
ds-70 hoya
vinca vine

I checked out your ig and here are the plants that interested me:
ficus elastica variegata
variegated prayer plant
anthurium warocqueanum

Thanks for the response. I’ll message you.