See pictures - many cuttings available rooted and unrooted

Hi Everyone!

Nice to meet you all!
I’m a plant collector based in South East UK.
I’ve been addicted to plants forever and in the last 20 years build a favourites collection.
During spring summer we have many babies, cutting and mature plants to swap.
I’m looking for variegated plants, aroids and tropicals. Exotic divas and mini trailing and slow growing cuties.image
Monstera Standleyana
Please look at the pictures to see what’s currently available. Thank you!

Hoya linearis

image Neon Pothos

tradescantia zebrina red jewel



Coca Cola sedum

image image

What would you want for your hoya

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I’m interested in the Monstera Standleyana and Neon Pothos. Are you looking for any specific plants; I have quite a lot I could take cuttings from.

I also have a jewel orchid (macodes petola) I’d be happy to swap for the Standleyana.

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sent a pm your way :slight_smile:

I would love to caladiums - since you’ve asked.
The Jewel Orchid sounds good for the Standleyana cutting.
Would you like to swap a Micans for a Neon ?image


Available for swap

@EdenPerpetual Here are the photos! I have a couple of mican cuttings, neither have rooted yet though. The jewel orchid is an established small plant (I’ll send without the pot). Send me a DM if you’re happy to trade and we can swap details :slight_smile:

jewel-orchid micans

Very pretty!

Did you get the picture I’ve sent you?

The Standleyana is unrooted and the Neon is rooted.

I’ll DM you.