Secret Santa Plant Boxes! *CLOSED*


Would anyone be interested trading Mystery boxes??? Possibly we could send them 21 December ish and receive them and save them for Christmas :blush: pls DM me if you want to, I’ll have to start rooting cuttings now :grin: Would love to have a group swap! :heart:


I’d absolutely love to!


Yes!!! That’s a great idea!


I would love to, let’s do this. Is everyone UK?


@plantman @Propagationtime @knotsandleaves How many cuttings do people have and are prepared to ship?


Maybe 2-3? Probably none rooted though!


:+1::+1::+1: sounds great! Definitely should do this!


YES!! I saw this on Instagram #secretplanta but only for the UK, would love to do a EU one!!
Count me in!


I would love to join but never done a plant swap before so would appreciate any guidance about sending plants?


No problem! Feel free to ask or just drop a dm if your unsure!


Ooo! Would love to join this as well! <3


I would love to participate too!!!


Great! @Olihth @belindi can I have your addresses by the 13th?


Sorry I’m pretty new how do I dm? :slight_smile:


I’ve dm’d you already you could respond to that or tap on my profile picture and they’ll be a a big blue button saying Message on it and just tap that


How many plants and cuttings are people prepared to swap? I was thinking as a guide size - a small shoe box??


A Royal Mail small parcel?
This is what the website says…

Small Parcels can measure up to:

Length 45cm Width 35cm Depth 16cm
Weight up to 2kg