Searching for Monstera!

Hey plant friends!!

On the prowl for Monstera cuttings. Any varieties!!

Many plants to trade!


Do you have any pink princess philodendron to trade for Monstera?

Oh I wish! That’s on my wish list too. I have rooted sanseverias, spider plants, rooted wandering jews, rooted pothos. Hostas, ivy. Plumeria cuttings (some rooted), Plumeria seedlings. Pencil cactus, Christmas cactus, stapelia. Catalpa seedlings.

What kind of Monstera?

It’s a Monstera Deliciosa. I am kind of a plant hoarder, so I have most of those, but thank you anyways! Fingers crossed that we someday get our princesses!

Okay! I have three variagations of the spider plants and three different sanseverias. And a variagated Jade I can get some leaf cuttings from. And an M. Adansonii!

I have Monstera D & Monstera A all rooted and ready to go. DM on IG @daffadowndillyy