Searching for a real Cebu Blue cutting

This is my top wish list plant. And I cannot find it :(. I don’t have much to offer in exchange yet since I started to collect plants few months ago and they are mostly too little or cuttings. But I am willing to buy it from you if that is OK.
Can be rooted or not.
EU only (because of shipping prices).

Take care and be healthy,

Hi annadriel i hope you are well too, i’m afraid i have no cebu blue it seems rare in europe and what is offered for sale isn’t often genuine, if know one has it and you bit the bullet and paid for it to be shipped from afar and grew a big plant then you would have some very sought after cuttings! Sorry i couldn’t be of more help, kind regards

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Hey :slight_smile: It is indeed hard to find. But as I say: never give up… one day I will find it :)) thank you.