Scindapsus treubii and *maybe* cebu blue cuttings to trade

I have some scindapsus treubii cuttings to trade. I also have a plant that was sold to me as a cebu blue, however I’m not 100% sure that it is, but I have cuttings I have taken from that if anyone would like them. Again, I’m not sure if it definitely is. If anyone has anything fun to offer for these let me know, I’m happy to trade for pretty much anything as long as I don’t already have it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I also have an alocasia black velvet plant to trade, its a full plant so I would want something slightly bigger for it, not just a single cutting :slight_smile:

Hi!! I have a rooted philodendron micans cutting I’d be happy to swap? Are you in the UK? :blush:

Hey I’d be really interested in your alocasia black velvet! I have a monstera adansonii that I could give you a large stem from, which has plenty of leaves which I’m sure would turn into a lovely full sized plant in no time :slight_smile: let me know x

Hi, I have several rooted large cuttings (25cm)of the ZZ Raven I would like to swap for a cutting of scindapsus treubii - are you interested?

Hi, is there anything in particular that you’re looking for in exchange for the Alocasia Black Velvet and/or possible Cebu-blue?

Also, I was sent some Treubii cuttings and I’ve had them in rain water for probably a month already but not seen any sign of roots - have you any experience with rooting cuttings? They seem fine but I’ve never had anything take quite this long before!