Rare Houseplants and Succulents

Hey! I’m @succulents.and.clay on Instagram. You can head over there to see photos of what I have.

I’m looking to swap for rares only.

HAVE: pilea peperomioides, pilea depressa, monstera deliciosa, monstera deliciosa variegata, monstera adansonii, variegated easter cactus, variegated string of pearls, string of dolphins, variegated string of hearts, variegated watermelon peperomia etc.

WANT: variegated Hindu rope, variegated or non variegated rare crassula, I don’t know, something I don’t have or unique or beautiful.

Also, I’m not offering freebies. If you’re new to collecting and want to build your collection start ordering from online shops or visit nurseries in your area.


Hi, I don’t have any rare or varigated plants yet but would you be interested in selling some cuttings? Paypal? I am in Canada.

Hi! I have a crassula coralita I would be willing to trade for your watermelon peperomia. I’m not sure how rare the crassula is.

I have variegated Jade I’d be down to trade for your variegated watermelon peperomia dm me on insta @Petalsinfullbloom

Hi, would you consider trading a monstera deliciosa variegata cutting from your collection for a rooted pink princess philodendron from mine? I think that’s the only rare one that I have that’s not on your list. I do also have a stingray Alocasia baby. But it’s only six inches tall right now.


I have variegated Hindu rope I’d be interested in monstera deliciosa variegata, I also wouldn’t mind paying extra for it

I have variegated Hindu rope and can add some rooted stapelia and Cryptocereus Anthonyanus (Ric Rac cactus) I could exchange for variegated monstera.
I’m @msmacrame on instagram.

Would you be interested in trading monstera tetrasperma cutting for ur pink philo?

Hi, yes! I would be interested!

Hi, I would be interested! (I think I pushed the wrong reply button earlier)

Hi, I have variegated hindu rope, I would trade for monstera deliciosa variegata. Is it still avilable?