Post office 2020?

Hello. I just joined. I was wondering if anyone in the USA is swapping currently. The USPS is expecting delays, and I dont have any experience shipping plants. Is it a good idea or no?

Just joined this week, probably going to give it a go soon, will let you know!

Thanks that would be really helpful. Could you also let me know how you packaged it? Box or envelope, ect…

Thanks again!

Sent out a package today, only thing they said is its taking an extra day right now but nothing major! Ill let you know what actually happens lol

Edit: also here are pics of how I packaged it. I used stiff poster board, taped the pot lip to the inside of it and rolled it so its snug in the box and the plant has some head room in the “tubes”. Ill link the video I watched. Hopefully it ships ok!

I’ve sent and recieved several and it’s gone well. Priority always seems to take the full 3 days but haven’t had any delays. I’ve noticed that the nursuries I’ve purchased from are using FedEx and UPS though!