Please stop smoking the Anthurium Polyschistum 'tweed'. In stead send a cutting to Belgium

Strikes me that this lovely plant has been taken out of sale. Last year I saw a couple of them in local plant stores, not even expensive. I didn’t bother buying it then, but now I’ve changed my mind, it’s nowhere to be found… I guess one too many people mistaked it for that ‘other’ plant, and smoked it (it had something on the label like ‘false marihuana’ or something).
They might as well be smoking Begonia Luxurians (which I can offer, but not for smoking).

Silly me, in my first post, I had the name all wrong, so this is my second attempt.

Anyway, I’ve been looking for this specific anthurium for a while now, and this is my ultimate and desperate attempt.
Please, cut me off a nice piece, and I’ll light a candle at the altar of Our Holy Mother Mary of the Green Thumb.