Plants i have to swap!

i have quite the list of plants i have that i have cuttings/can take cuttings from, i am not really looking for anything in particular so open to offers!

  • begonia maculata
  • zz raven
  • monstera peru
  • hoya crimson queen
  • hoya krinkle
  • watermelon peperomia
  • maranta leuconeura
  • fishbone cacti
  • hoya retusa
  • hoya bella variegata
  • peperomia pepperspot
  • purple oxalis
  • peperomia prostrata
  • tradescantia red jewel
  • pothos n’joy
  • pink syngonium (syngonium neon)

I would LOVE a rhaphidophora tetrasperma or monstera thai constellation/variegated monstera, a girl can dream!

let me know what you have/if you would like to swap! if there isnt anything i would like to swap for i am happy to still send (but postage must be paid for)

thanks :herb::cactus::seedling::leaves:

Hi, I would LOVE some peperomia pepperspot if possible! I still have a baby collection but could trade for peperomia hope, or some syngonium pixie? Sorry I’ve not got anything more exciting that’s big enough yet! Let me know if you’re up for a trade :slight_smile:

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Hey! I have both of those but I would be happy to give you some of my pepperomia pepperspot, it is HUGE so could use a lil trim! pm me if you want it and would be happy sending me a couple of pounds for the postage!

That would be amazing, thank you! I’ll PM you!

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Hi! I would love a zz Raven, hoya bella variegata and a pothos n’joy.
I only have the regular spathiphyllum, sansevierias, anthuriums, etc
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi Dora! What are the names of the ones you have? I have a few of each so it might be that we have the same ones x

Hi, the sansevierias are Laurenti trifasciata, and anthurium red giant (the red refers to the flower, not the leaf).
I also have iresine herbstii, and several succulents:
Echeveria black prince
Crassula sphatulata
Crassula capitella thyrsiflora
Aptenia cordifolia
Aloe nobilis
Ficus opuntia (cactus)
Tradescantia pallida

I’m not at home. Can send pictures in the weekend.

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Hi, I would really love some variegated hoya bella!
Got to swap:
string of hearts (regular, variegated or silver glory),
string of pearls and variegated,
cissus amazonica,
aloe Vera,
mimosa (sensitive plant),
peperomia caperata ripple,
ficus ginseng,
pilea peperomioides,
peperomia prostrada/turtles
crassula calico kitten,
marble queen pothos,
polka dot (whole plants),
hoya linearis

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Hey, I would be interested in doing a few swaps, I am interested in the monstera Peru, hoya crimson queen, hoya Krinkle, hoya Bella and the hoya retusa.

If you check out my Instagram and tell me what you are interested in that will be great :blush:

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If you could pm me some pictures when you get home that would be really good! I definitely have a few of those!

I would love to swap for some of the cissus amazonica, I’ve wanted one for ages! Want to pm me your details so we can arrange the swap? :blush:

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I will message you on your instagram!! x

Hey! You have such a stunning collection! I’m just starting out, and only have a few plants. The only plants I have big enough to take cuttings from at the moment are my tradescantia red jewel (which I see you have) or I also have a very good sized achmea (blue rain) bromeliad pup, which I will pot up this weekend unless someone wants me to post it. I also have tons of spider plant babies and some peanut cacti pups that propagate very well. Would any of these be of interest?

If you like any if these I’d love to trade for any of these:

Hoya Krimson queen
Pepperomia watermelon
Hoya bella variegata
Pepperomia pepperspot
Purple oxalis
Pepperomia prostrate

Hey, dm my on Instagram if it’s easier same username as here.

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Would love a Hoya Krinkle 8 cutting. I have a tetrasperma I’d be happy to swap

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@Hoya_m8 - if you dont end up swapping your tetrasperma, or if you have another cutting, let me know as I would LOVE one of these! I’m afraid I dont have a ton of plants to swap, but if I dont have anything you want, if you were interested (and I’m not too broke!) I could buy one from you? TIA for reading X

Hi! I don’t know if this is still current but I would be really happy to have one of the following: begonia maculata, purple oxalis or pink syngonium. Unfortunately I only have a small collection of plants I can take cuttings from. For example one that went crazy this year is my monstera obliqua but I also have some philodendrons or pothos which are kind of ok i think… hehe anyways I would be really happy about a reply. :blush:

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Hey! Sorry for the late reply I’ve been away on holiday - I’m not particularly interested in any of these as I actually have all of them and a lot of cacti. But if there are any cuttings you really want you can pay for the postage and I will be happy to send them! x

Hey! What kind of philodendrons and pathos do you have? I would be happy to exchange for some if i don’t have the ones you have, but if not if you wanted to pay for the postage I would still be happy to send over the cuttings! x

Hi La_Lunee,

Would love to buy any of these:

Pink syngonium
Begonia maculata
Monstera Peru

Let me know if you would be willing to part with some cuttings xx

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