Plants for swap. Philod. cream splash, syngonium aurea

I have some plants for swap :herb:
Syngoniums; roxanne (whole plant), white butterfly, Aurea (wetstick with roots and crowing point), Arow (whole plant), pixie, eruthophyllum., albo variegata.

Others; Verrucosum (cutting), xanadu (whole plant), Philodendron cream splash (variegated brazil), angel wing cuttings, monstera standleyana variegata, adansonii, phil. Brazil, epipremnun njoy, epipremnum lemon lime, philodendron lemon lime, epipremnum snow queen, hoya kerrii.

Looking for rarer syngoniums, aroids, philodendrons and variegated plants like syng. Panda, syng. nguengi laima, syng. grey ghost/green splash and more. Philos like pink princess, white princess, burle marx variegata and other rarer philos!

Shipping in eu :slight_smile:

Hi there interested in syngonium aurea, got syngonium angustatum, syngonium green, monstera acuminata, philodendron pedatum, philodendron hastatum and subhastatum, Burle Marx, squamiferum, and other aroids