Plants for sale/trade

Hi, I’m looking to sell some of my cuttings but am open to some trades.
I have:

  • aloe vera pups
  • baby spider plant
  • jade plants
  • rooted tradescantia zebrina cuttings
  • Oxalis triangularis (I have both bulbs and small plants)

Message me for more details/photos, either on here (I don’t know if you can do private messaging I’m new) or my Instagram is @lil.freya.lil.plants

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Hi Freya,

What sort of thing would you want for some oxalis bulbs?

I’m not sure what plants interest you so not sure what to offer :smile:

Hi, I really don’t mind I’m interested in most houseplants, what have you got?

How many oxalis bulbs would you like? I also have small oxalis plants but they might be harder to ship.

Do you have green oxalis? :))

No, only purple I’m afraid :))

Do you like cacti or succulents at all? I have a spare mature aristaloe aristata (lace aloe), or a bunny ear cactus (opuntia) that I rooted last year and is showing good growth - I rooted 3 pads in together so it will look nice and full in no time

I like the look of the bunny ear cactus

I’m so sorry for the late reply - work has been HECTIC this week! I’d be happy to trade the bunny ear if you’re still keen, I’ll message you :blush: