Plants available to swap

Hi everyone

I am based in Gibraltar and have a range of plants (mainly succulents) available to swap.

String of pearls rooted water prop
Callisea repens (turtle vine) cutting
Aeonium haworthii
Crassula pellucida marginalis cutting
Lampranthus deltoides
Portulacaria afra (elephant bush) rooted
Graptopetalum paraguayense leaf propagation
Kalanchoe tomentosa leaf propagation
Crassula muscosa rooted
Crassula perforata cutting
Crassula ovata Gollum rooted
Crassula multicava plantlets
Kalanchoe daigremontanum rooted
Pilea pepperomiodes
Tradescantia zebrina
Pelargonium fragrans

WANT: (wishful thinking)
String of bananas
String of dolphins
Whale fin sansiviera

Really any unusual succulents I don’t already have.

Please check out my Instagram account @sowandhope for photos/ video of some of my plants. I could take cuttings of those that aren’t currently available.

Hi, I have a couple of string of bananas cuttings that have been in soil about a month - can send bare rooted.
I’m not looking for a swap right now as I have too many light loving plants and not enough space! But happy to send on if you’re interested.
Best wishes,

Wow! Thanks for replying and thank you for your generous offer. I would love the cuttings. I will send you a DM with my details.
Thanks again :pray:t3:

I have cuttings of Fatsia japonica, Pilea depressa, peperomia pixie, Spathiphyllum and jade plant. I would love to trade for cuttings of the elephant bush, turtle vine or string pearls. I’m in the UK so just let me know if you want anything.


I’m really sorry. I haven’t been checking in with this site regularly. I have all the cuttings available - only the turtle vine is unrooted.

I am happy to post to the UK and I’ve done it before. It took a long tome and it’s a bit hot at the moment so I may need look up a way to package them to retain moisture.

I am happy to swap for the Pilea or Pepperomia if that’s still available

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