Plants and cuttings to give away

I have 4 x hedgehog aloe (I think), a crassula cutting, two recently split sprengers asparagus plants (from one big one) and an ugly ginger cactus I have tried to sell and swap and nothing so, I’d rather give them away! As they deserve a shot. So if you want what I have please let me know. Obviously I’m happy to take a random anything In exchange if you want but, I just want these plants to go somewhere :slight_smile:

The ugly ginger cactus is intriguing me, I’d love to see a photo!

here he is!

Oh wow, it really is ugly :rofl: I’d be happy to give it a home on a sunny windowsill with my other weirdos.

I know you said you’re not bothered about trading but if you’re looking for anything let me know or I could send you a little package of surprise cuttings?

He is isn’t he! Oh yes take him take him take him! I too have an ugly corner but this guy just, I just can’t find it in me. I can’t even tell if he is growing!
I absolutely would take a random cutting in exchange. I’m a newbie with bits of everything to see what ‘sticks’ at the minute. I loooove the growing and random cuttings where I don’t know what they are would be so cool. Do you want all my other bits? I have a furry family too that I hate. Happy to box everything up and send it your way :slight_smile: for nowt, just good vibes (and the relief at getting rid of ugly guilt free)

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I also just had a look and there’s a Mickey Mouse plant rooted pup I can send too.

I love anything weird or ugly so maybe send me the plants you don’t want/can’t get rid of, and I can send you a package of cuttings in exchange? I’ve got quite a few plants that need trimming, especially philodendrons :slight_smile::herb:

Is the Mickey Mouse plant a cactus? If so, that’s the one I’ve been looking for for a while!

Hello Anneka and Sophie :smiley:

I just loved reading your convo :rofl:

Is there any bits left after this agreement maybe?

I would love a sprenger asparagus fern baby :smiley:

Can send bits and bobs in return too :blush:

@Tevetovic @Anneka I already have a big asparagus fern! I don’t want to take anything I have that other people want :relaxed:

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Well this is working out so well! Yes Mickey Mouse is the microdaisys cactus. It’s a yellow spotted one. Re phil cuttings that would be lovely, I’m still slowly rescuing a velvet leaf philodendron that was reduced price but she currently only has one leaf lol so not looking good. How does it work from here, I’m new to this!

Hiya yes I can send you one of the sprengers, it’s not a baby though it was a large plant I split into three so can’t guaruntee I did it right LOL but, root system was huge so, there’s probably something you can do with it. Can defo send you some other bits and pieces too. As I said to the other lady no need to send me anything but if you’ve anything random, espesh cuttings/pup wise I’ll happily take a little tombola surprise post! Again no idea how to proceed, am so new to this!

@Anneka Oh, amazing! That’s perfect, thank you. I’ll send you a private message where we can exchange details :relaxed:

Yay! I will send you a private message too, and ee can proceed :slight_smile:

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