Plant Swap on the way!

Plant Swap ready to post this morning to:

Monstera Standleyana
Neon Pothos

Monstera Adansonii

Hoya Linearis

Thank you Girls!
It’s been posted 1st class for you now.

I hope we can do more swaps in future should you like our trade.

I look forward to yours!

All the best,



Your jewel orchid and mican cuttings are on their way! :slight_smile:



Thank you!

Got my swaps today from


Perfect condition.
Thank you so much!

image .
So well packaged! Super supple!

Thank you so much!

I hope you also love what I’ve sent you too!

Let me know!


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Mine arrived today and I love them - thank you so much! :herb:



Oh… I’m pleased you like them!

I hope we can trade again in future.



Plant trade on the way to @imsophiedavies.

Thank you Sophie!


My babies arrived and I’m trilled!

image image image

Specially for the surprise coleus because it’s my childhood favourite and I didn’t have it.
Thank you @imsophiedavies for going with your instincts!
I’ll take care of them and let you know how they get on…


Ohh, I’m so pleased! I wasn’t sure if you’d want them or not but I’m overrun :sweat_smile:

My orbifolia arrived today and wow, it’s amazing. Thank you so much for another wonderful swap! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m really pleased!

My Micans cuttings is rooting.:heart_eyes:

On Saturday I had a plant swap meeting with fellow swapper @cally.
He was kind enough to stop by my house to bring some cuttings and collect some.
I’ve offered him some Fittonia rooted platelets and a monstera Standleyana unrooted.
I got some beautiful Hoya tricolour and also Hoya speckled cuttings. Also a syngonium semi-rooted little guy.
It was nice meeting you @cally!

I hope we can trade again in future!

All the best,

Beautiful cuttings I traded with @Happyleafytimes last week.

I offered:

I’m very happy with this trade!

Thank you @Happyleafytimes

@EdenPerpetual yes thank you so much! I’m thrilled with the swap, hope we can swap again soon!

Plant Swap on the way to @Aisha

Rooted monstera Standleyana

Plant Swap on its way to: @decorwithplants

Whale Fin Sansevieria Masoniana

Thank you so much… i have also sent you parcel today…hopefully it will reach you safely20190806_084218

Oh… that’s very kind of you!

Thank you so much dear!

My pleasure…:blush::blush::blush:

i got My cutting today… it is soooo beautiful…i was just shocked…it had a very good root system…i was not expecting this…thank you so so much…this is my first was, and it made me so happy​:blush::blush: